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DOOR MODELS 1630 – French, Standard Duty, Individual Dog

When wider access is needed, FREEMAN MARINE French doors perform like two single panel doors that seal to each other.  The same high quality tooling and construction techniques used to make the single leaf Standard Duty door are put to work in the construction of each 1610 French Door.  Double-skin panel construction offers simplicity yet broad flexibility for configuring doors to specific needs.

Doors have .080″ mill finished aluminum skins captured in an extruded aluminum panel framework, clamp-grip style windows with 3/16″ clear glass, and marine grade lever handle locksets.  The outer skin is trapped by the door panel extrusion, and the inner skin is riveted.  Solidly constructed and fully insulated, Standard Duty French doors are suitable for the following typical high traffic access installations:

Salon, Main Deck, Owner’s Cabin


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