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DOOR MODELS 1520 – Dutch, Standard Duty, Individual Dog

FREEMAN MARINE Dutch doors perform like a single panel door when regular access is needed, yet the top half can be operated separately from the bottom half to improve ventilation and visibility.

Heavy duty doors feature thick panel skins, extra internal reinforcements, no exposed seams and all welded construction to create a rugged closure in individually dogged versions.

Heavy duty panels feature a lineal brushed finish, a FREEMAN trademark that creates a durable, uniform texture.

When specified with optional yacht quality paint to your color specifications, the 1520 Series welded construction results in a smooth, seamless appearance that features long lasting beauty.

Doors offer welded in windows and can accommodate special glazing.  Solidly constructed and fully insulated, heavy duty Dutch doors are suitable for the following typical high traffic access installations:

Pilothouse, Galley, SalonMain Deck 

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