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DOOR MODELS 1440 Series Single Leaf, Commercial Aluminum Panel, Quick-Acting Dogging

FREEMAN MARINE’S 1440 Commercial Panel, Quick-Acting doors feature patented chain-drive, single actuation dogging, a rugged knife-edge seal, robust gasket and floating hinges to provide a Commercial watertight seal** when properly adjusted and dogged closed.

Thick aluminum panel skins (.160” up to .250”), extra internal reinforcements, welded construction and screw fastened interior skin create the rugged, closure that is required in a Q-A dogged door.

Standard commercial and machinery space doors often feature FREEMAN’S trademark lineal brushed finish that creates a durable, uniform texture. When quality painted to your color specifications by Freeman, the 1440 Series makes a handsome, rugged portal that will stand up to continuous use by crew.

These doors offer welded in windows and can accommodate special glazing such as heated glass, ballistic glass.For military-security applications, R/F – EMI suppression, ballistics resistance and low radar reflective signature performance can be specified.

Solidly constructed, fully insulated and moderately priced, FREEMAN Commercial Aluminum Panel Quick-Acting doors are suitable for commercial, military and yacht crew or machinery space applications.

1440 Series Quick-Acting Commercial Duty doors are specified where aggressive sealing is required:

Transom, Bulkheads, Below Deck Compartments, Engine RoomMain Deck Access, Technical Spaces