fast ferries, commercial fishing boats, workboats and support vessels around the world


an integral part of of the Coast Guard’s recently launched RB-M fleet and have been actively used in the past in the MLB series.


Freeman Marine branded products outfit Military/Defense(NAVSEA), Patrol, many Commercial vessels and Expedition/Offshore/Cruisers – with the very best marine closures.


  • FREEMAN MARINE is an ISO 9001:2008 REGISTERED firm with an 85,000+ sq.ft. ( integrated fabrication facility operated following lean manufacturing techniques.

  • DESIGN:  SolidWorks, AutoCAD, 3-D Modeling, FEA.

  • FABRICATION:  Frame and Panel makers, specialty shape bending (automated extrusion benders, CNC press brake forming, plat rolls), aluminum / steel / stainless steel welding (MIG/TIG), MIL-W-248C welding process.

  • MACHINE SHOP:  Milling, spline cutting, grinding, drilling, turning, sawing, broaching, plasma cutting, CNC equipment

  • FOUNDRY:  Aluminum green sand castings, small to medium runs, mold size from ounces to 200+ pounds, large flat & thin parts, specialty, 356 and 535 alloys, 10,000 sq. ft. foundry space with full travel overhead bridge crane.

  • ASSEMBLY:  Bolt, rivet, weld, bond, press, clamp, advanced adhesive and insulation techniques as well as specialized assembly methods.

  • FINISHING:  Vibratory surface conditioning, shot and sand blasting, sanding, polishing, painting – crossflow and down draft booths (up to 18′ assemblies in one piece) – prep/primer/topcoat, powder coating, passivation, electro polish, heat treating, heat/environment controlled applications.

  • QUALITY CONTROL:  ISO 9001:2008 registered, dimensional inspection, MIL-I-45208A approved systems, calibrated test devices, material control, nondestructive testing — weld testing (penetrant, radiographic), leak testing (ultrasonic, hydrostatic, air jet, pneumatic, chalk), chemical and physical analysis, salt spray corrosion testing, sand laboratory for casting process control.

  • PATTERN MAKING:  Wood, metal, plastic and master pattern production for sand castings, aluminum match plate construction, gating and riser development and pattern repair.

  • TOOL & DIE MAKING:  Precision prototype and production tool and die design development and fabrication.

  • INVENTORY:  Standard size doors & hatches “in-stock” for immediate shipment. Replacement gaskets and parts, large supply of specialty gasket shapes.

  • MATERIAL HANDLING:  Multiple shop length overhead bridge cranes covering all fabrication cells for handling large fabrications and plate; specialized fixtures for series production and special custom fabrication.

  • PACKAGING:  Fiber box and export compliant wood crating for ocean and air shipment; custom bar coding available.