FREEMAN MARINE EQUIPMENT of Gold Beach, Oregon began modestly, but optimistically, in a garage in 1975. Since then it has grown to become a recognized and highly respected international name in marine closures.

FREEMAN MARINE sells to more than 50 countries, from the Bahamas and China to Turkey and Uruguay.

FREEMAN MARINE closures can be found on government lifeboats and patrol craft as well as on utilitarian commercial fishing vessels and supply rigs. FREEMAN MARINE is proud to be respected for both the quality of its products as well as the quality of the relationships it strives to build with each and every client. FREEMAN MARINE looks forward to the opportunity to serve you.

First focusing on the marketplace’s need for a better commercial deck hatch, FREEMAN MARINE today sells more styles, more sizes and more shapes of cast aluminum deck hatches than any other manufacturer in the world.

Building on this initial success, FREEMAN MARINE has expanded the breadth of its line to include some of the most uniquely crafted custom closures in the world. This impressive offering includes fabricated doors and hatches that utilize modular mechanisms so unique that they are patented.

FREEMAN MARINE offers an extensive line of cast and precision-machined portlights that have been fully re-engineered and retooled to meet the expectations of the world’s leading boat builders.

To complete its range of closures, FREEMAN MARINE offers a wide range of window types and duty grades for vessels from under 30’ to well over 300’.