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FREEMAN MARINE SERIES 3400 Quick Acting Hatches are operated from above or below deck, using a single lever handle. They are available flat or can be cambered to match the deck contour. Solid panel versions for yachts  have inner panel fasteners concealed under the sealing gasket; for technical space, commercial and patrol-military application hatches the fasteners attaching the inner skin are exposed on the panel. Lens hatches are available with acrylic or glass panels.

Depending upon hatch size, hatches are manufactured with one or more bi-square spindles; each spindle operates an internal, patented, chain driven mechanism. Stainless steel cam followers on the interior dogs reduce friction, making the hatch easier to open and close. When operation from inside is required, Freeman Marine provides the appropriate lever handle, with optional lock. Built for years of smooth, watertight operation and rugged, dependable service.

FREEMAN MARINE’S quick adjusting yoke hinge allows for precise centering of the panel in the deck opening using rotating, slotted washers. Our yoke hinge is completely hidden from above deck, allowing uncluttered deck appearance and easy deck maintenance. A concealed adjustment screw located in the hinge body also adjusts the “pop-up” movement of the yoke hinge, providing the necessary clearance for a teak-covered hatch. This yoke style hinge provides accurate adjustment of the swing clearance for deck camber and thickness.

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  • Surface mounted hinges installed proud, can accommodate up to 19mm of customer installed teak.

  • Flush Stainless Steel hinge cover plates can be removed for teak sanding and maintenance.

  • Keyed lock is available for installation into the bi-square, preventing unauthorized entry.

  • Rolling cam followers assure smooth operation and maximum applied pressure.

  • Commercial or Yacht finish available.