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"Engineered Elegance"...
An excellent description for Freeman Marine custom fabricated Hatches.
No other firm offers as wide a variety of features.

Freeman 3450 Quick-Acting Lens Hatch Freeman Marine 3150 Individually Dogged Lens Hatch

FREEMAN 3450 (Quick Acting) & 3150 (Individually Dogged) Lens Hatches provide watertight security and interior illumination.  Sizing and camber to customer specifications are available.  Irregular shapes and circular models are also possible.  Flush hinges are fully serviceable from above deck and are 100% machined by FREEMAN from 316L Stainless.

Freeman 2400 Series Cast Hatch Freeman 2400 Series Cast Hatch & 3450 Lens Hatch
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Freeman 2400 Series Cast Flush Top Oval Hatch Freeman 2400 Series Cast Watergith Yoke Hinge Hatch - Open

FREEMAN 2400 Series Cast Hatches are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and hinge configurations.  No other manufacturer offers more sizes and shapes of cast aluminum deck hatches than FREEMAN MARINE.  The above hatch is a 19" X 26" flush top oval with watertight, knife edge sealing,  yoke hinge and integral hold open.  Whether it's a commercial grade cast hatch with integral handle or smooth top version with removable bayonet T-handle, every hatch is FREEMAN tough.

Freeman 3400 Series Fabricated panel hatch Freeman 3400 Series panel hatch features patented chain drive dogging system

FREEMAN 3400 Series Fabricated panel hatches feature our patented chain drive dogging system that allows single lever actuation of multiple dogs.  Gas assist shocks allow hinges (flush surface mount or concealed under deck yoke) to easily raise large panels.  A unique "kick-up" feature assists in raising hatch to clear teak overlays thereby eliminating beveling of teak edges for clearance.  FREEMAN  Quick-Acting hatches have been specified on motor yachts and sailing yachts around the world.

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