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2400 Series
Cast Hatches

Freeman Marine 2400 Series Cast Hatches.

3000 Series
Fabricated Hatches

Freeman Marine 3000 Series Fabricated Hatches

3100 Series
Individually Dogged, Fabricated Cockpit Hatches

Freeman Marine 3100 Series Individually Dogged, Fabricated Hatches

3400 Series
Quick Acting Cockpit Hatches

Freeman Marine 3400 Series Quick Acting Cockpit Hatches.

3500 Series
Split Hatches

Freeman Marine 3500 Series Split Hatches

"Engineered Elegance" excellent description of FREEMAN MARINE HATCHES.
No other firm offers this depth of product or variety of features.

2400 Series Cast Hatches are specified and used on a wide variety of fishing boats, tugs, barges, research vessels, offshore tenders, rescue craft and other workboats.  These hatches can be installed in any deck style or material using stock or custom deck rings.  Freeman Marine has more quick acting flush hatch experience, models, and features than any other manufacturer.

3000 Series Fabricated Hatches include Freeman's patented quick acting multiple dog mechanism, individually dogged, split or lens style.

3100 Series Individually Dogged Cockpit Hatches reflect the breadth of the Freeman hatch product line.  3100 Series offers a wide range of options to meet customer specifications.  Custom shapes and sizes may be ordered with flush or proud coaming in preparation for teak covering.  Freeman Marine routinely manufactures cambered hatches to match an existing deck profile

3400 Quick Acting Hatches are operated from above or below deck, using a single lever handle.  They are available as flat or cambered units, solid or with lens.  Depending on hatch size, hatches are manufactured with one or more bi-square spindles; each spindle operates an internal, patented, chain driven mechanism.

3500 Series Split Hatches are typically quite large, and often used for large storage or engine access.  Fabricated utilizing the Quick Acting chain driven dogging mechanism, 3500 Series hatches can be opened from above or below deck.

200 Series Fabricated Hatches:  Freeman Marine carries an established line of fabricated structural marine hatches with proven quality.  This range of heavy duty hatches is designed to meet the requirements of long range, trouble-free service in the harshest environments.

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