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FREEMAN MARINE 3500 SERIES split hatches are typically quite large, and often used for large storage or engine access. Normal access to a compartment is obtained by opening one side of the split cover. When larger access is required, for loading or maintenance purposes, the center sealing mullion is readily removable. The mullion is specially designed to provide watertight knife-edge sealing for both sections of the hatch, as well as support and rigidity to the closed hatch.

FREEMAN MARINE'S quick adjusting yoke hinge allows for precise centering of the panels in the deck opening using rotating, slotted washers. 

Freeman Marine Model 3500 Split Hatch

Coast Guard RB-M Engine Hatch has bolt-in removable center panel (with 2400 Series Square Hatch) allowing full access to engines housed below

Split Hatches from Freeman Marine

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