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DOOR MODEL 1730 - 1736
Sliding, Top-Hung, Single Leaf & Bi-Parting, Automatic

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Freeman Marine Door Model 1730-1736 FREEMAN MARINE’S Top Hung Sliding Doors offer inflatable gasket weathertight sealing. Sliding doors can be specified in virtually any size required and in a variety of configurations in either single or bi-parting panel styles. Custom sized windows designed to complement adjacent vessel windows can be ordered. Passive solid panels as well as sidelights are also available.

FREEMAN Sliding doors are finished in yacht-quality linear polyurethane and offer attention to detail, durability, performance and style not found in lighter duty sliding doors.

FMDS “Plug & Play” Control System:
FREEMAN MARINE is proud to supply its proprietary, marine grade automatic door control system as a component of every Model 1730 and 1736 sliding door. An automatic sliding door for a yacht or commercial-for-hire vessel is a major investment as well as a closure that needs unquestioned reliability. That’s why FREEMAN MARINE has developed the FMDS Automatic Door Control System – A marine grade, application-specific system that has all the features, interfaces and outputs that are needed for reliable ‘at sea’ functioning, interconnecting to ancillary equipment and diagnostics.

Custom Wire Harnesses:
Freeman Marine provides proper length cable assemblies for your specific installation fitted with IP66 rated matched pair connectors. At time of door ordering, custom length cables can be specified and installation matched wiring harnesses will be provided. Using installation matched, modular “plug and play” cables insures wiring integrity and control system reliability.

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Doors 1730 Features & Photos 410K .pdf Click here to receive the Door Model 1730 Product Layout. Click here to receive the complete Model 1730 Door Catalog Section. Doors 1730:  Request Drawings



  • Noise-Isolating Top Rollers

  • Pneumatic Inflatable Gasket for Complete Weather Sealing

  • Brush Edge Seal for Air Conditioning Management

  • Precision Crafted Panels – Flat or Curved Available

  • Edge-to-edge Direct Bonded Glass Available

  • Panel Edge Touch Strips, Beams and Sensors – Multiple Levels of Obstruction Sensing

  • Touch-Activated and Automatic Entry Options

  • Single and Bi-Parting Doors

  • Custom Sized Windows

  • Yacht Quality Finishing and Hardware

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Door Model 1736 Controls, Sliding Door
Door Model 1736 FMDS Controller Cabinet, Sliding Door

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