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DOOR MODEL 1710 & 1716:
Sliding, Single-Axis, Single Leaf & Bi-Parting

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Door Model 1710 - Bi Parting Sliding FREEMAN MARINE'S Single-Axis sliding doors offer traditional felted strip weathertight sealing.

Sliding doors can be specified in virtually any size required and a variety of configurations; single panel, bi-parting, and multi-panel styles.

Custom sized windows designed to complement adjacent vessel windows can be ordered.

Passive solid panels as well as side lights are also available.

FREEMAN Sliding doors are finished in yacht-quality linear polyurethane and offer attention to detail, durability, performance and style not found in lighter duty, ordinary sliding doors.

Typical installations:


  • Felt Strip Weather Sealed

  • Economical

  • Versatile

  • Precision Crafted Panels

  •      Painted

  •      Stainless Steel

  • Noise-isolating Rollers

  • Quality Latches and Hardware

  • Custom Sized Windows

  • Flat and Knuckle Panels

  • Single, Bi-Parting and Multi-Panel Doors

  • Automatic Operation (available)


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