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DOOR MODEL 1460 Single Leaf - Steel, Rod-Drive Dogging

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Door Model 1460 Single Leaf - Steel, Rod Drive Dogging

Freeman Marine Door Model 1460 Series FREEMAN MARINE’S Rod-Drive Door with lever actuation features exposed interior-side dogs to provide aggressive watertight sealing** up to 5psi [34.5kpa] when properly adjusted and dogged closed.

Steel door panel skins (.250” up to .313”), internal reinforcements, welded construction and screw fastened 16 gauge [.06", 1.5mm] interior skin create the rugged, closure that is required in a watertight bulkhead, technical space or engine room door.

Machinery space doors often installed with paint specified to 'commercial machinery grade finish'. When Bristol yacht quality painted to your color specifications by Freeman and with overall finishing details to highest yacht standards, the 1460 Series’ makes a handsome, rugged portal.

Solidly constructed, fully insulated and moderately priced, FREEMAN Rod-Drive steel doors are suitable for commercial, military and yacht applications.

** Degree of watertightness depends on number of dogs, door size, panel specifications, proper installation and sealing adjustment. Watertight doors are individually defined, specified and fabricated for each application.


  • Bulkhead watertight sealing up to 5psi [34.5kpa]**

  • .250"~.313" [6~8mm approx.] Thick Steel Skins - ABS certified plate available

  • Welded Frame & Panel Construction; Interior Skin w-screw attachment

  • Radius Corners

  • Bolt-in or Weld-in Frames (Aluminum, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel)

  • Internal Stiffeners for Extra Ruggedness

  • Primed Finish; Yacht-Quality Bristol Finish Paint (available)

  • Rod-Driven Stainless Steel Dogging

  • Roller Bearing Dogs (2~8 dogs depending on size of door)

  • Stainless Steel Lever Handles

  • Stainless Striker Wedges

  • Solid Acoustic-Thermal Insulation – Optional Materials available

  • Blade-style Hinges Std. - Other Styles available

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners

  • 10"[250mm] & 12"[300mm] clear glass View Ports w-deadcover (available)

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Model 1460 with Viewport - Exterior
Model 1460 Rod Drive - Lever Dogging Detail
Model 1460 with Viewport - Interior

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