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For Freeman 1400-series Q-A Doors

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Premium Pantograph Hinge for Freeman 1400 series Q-A DoorsFreeman Marine has set a new standard of performance for manually operated and powered pantograph hinges with the introduction of the "FREEMAN Premium Pantograph Hinge". The standard model of this hinge is rated to solidly support a door panel weighing up to 300lb [136kg] and can be specified for most custom sized and profile shaped panels. When required, custom versions of this hinge design can be specified that will carry substantially higher loads or for panels with unusual shape characteristics.

The "FREEMAN Premium Pantograph Hinge" utilizes lubricated bearings with lip seals on precision machined shafts to provide a smooth, low effort opening and closing action. Throughout the entire arc of the door's movement the door panel is held in a stable manner. While most of the premium details are internal and not seen, the hinge's fully painted interior shroud further assures reliable operation. 

Reliable long-life operation is to be expected from such a precision machined assembly, but should adjustment of the door's gap or alignment be required, it is easily accomplished utilizing standard hand tools to move the hinge's built-in jack screws.





Series 1400 Pantograph Hinge  Series 1400 Pantograph Hinge Series 1400 Pantograph Hinge


The "FREEMAN Premium Pantograph Hinge" features a compact, low mounting of the hinge assembly on the door panel which provides:

  • Maximum width clearance to be achieved usually at thigh height and above

  • Full width, unobstructed ease of movement and viewing

  • Substantial upper half windows

  • Conveniently mounted actuation handles are possible

When fully open, the door is securely held by a coil spring tensioned ball and socket hold-open assembly. This assembly is neatly and cleanly positioned on the underside of the interior shroud.

Pantograph Hinge Service Video
Service Guide Video - Pantograph Hinge Adjustment

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Door Model 1430 w/Pantograph Hinge
Pantograph Hinge - Closed
Pantograph Hinge - Open
Pantograph Hinge - Open

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Door Model 1400 Series, Shaped with Hydraulic Pantograph Hinge
Door Model 1400 Series, Mega Shaped with Pantograph Hinge
Door Model 1400 Series, Mega Shaped with Pantograph Hinge

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